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With Gradifi Refi, you'll connect your employees to some of the lowest refinance rates through a choice of trusted lenders, and free student loan counseling. A powerful value - at no cost to you.

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No Cost to You.

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The Challenge


of employees are not engaged at work, many because of financial stress.1

of workers say that student loan debt is a major source of that stress.1,2



of employers offer a benefit to address student loan debt.3

Why Refi is a Solution


of young professionals enter the workforce with student debt.4


of employees are considering employment outside of their current firm within the next year.5


of employees would work for you for 5 years if you helped them with their student loans.6

Gradifi Lenders

We believe employees should have choice. Gradifi has partnered with trusted lenders such as First Republic, LendKey and Earnest, to give your employees the chance to refinance their student loans at among the lowest rates with best in-class service.

See What's Possible

Lower monthly payment by $46/mo and save $5,492 in total interest7 –  
an employee savings of up to 36%

Original Loan


Monthly Payment



Interest Rate


10 years


Loan Balance


New Loan


Monthly Payment



Interest Rate


10 years


Loan Balance


Student Loan Counseling

Your employees have access to expert counseling from American Student Assistance (ASA) to help them talk through their student loan questions and concerns.

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7 Estimated savings are based on refinancing a $40.000 student loan with an 6.80% APR and 10-year repayment term to a new loan with a 4.50% APR and 10-year repayment term. Individual savings may vary.

The financial burden of student debt is impacting generations of the workforce, creating an ever-present stress that impacts performance and affects the job choices many are forced to make. Today, over 70% of graduates entering the workforce are strapped by just such debt. Student Loan Refinancing can go a long way in helping to alleviate that stress, by helping employees save money.

Student Loan Refinancing


The Refinancing Difference

Refinancing can reduce the borrower’s interest rate by several percentage points and reduce what is owed in interest over the life of the loan. This could very well mean substantial savings and more money for your people to save or spend on what is important to them.


By refinancing multiple student loans into one, the borrower maintains a single loan balance – with one lender and one monthly payment


Lowering the interest rate and extending the loan term may help lower the monthly payment on a borrower’s student loans


By refinancing student loans, a borrower may be able to eliminate higher education debt more quickly by choosing a shorter loan term or pay more than the required amount each month

When borrowers refinance their loans, they have the freedom to decide which type of rate they prefer, either fixed or variable.


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